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Good Realtor = Good Network = Easier Home-Buying for You

It can start with one. One person who can connect you to who and all there is to know on your home-buying journey. That person is usually your Realtor.

The home-buying process in its simplest form generally requires a realtor, lender, inspector, appraiser and a title company. As Einstein once said, "You don't have to know everything. You just have to know where to find it." Your Realtor is "where" to find it as they work with lenders, inspectors and title companies regularly. A trusted Realtor on your side will give you the network and boost you need to make the home-buying process easier.

Choosing the right Realtor for you is key. Think more about the person than the brand they represent. Is the Realtor responsive, informative, organized and detailed? There's a good chance if your Realtor is all those things, so is his or her network. And, that is the network you want working for you.

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